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In Tayaupa & Handicrafts from Mexico © We market Mexican folk art of the highest quality, ideal pieces to be a present that whoever receives it will appreciate their whole life, being a great option to retain your closest clients and collaborators.

Gifts for company executives with Mexican crafts are an excellent way to appreciate the culture and mexican traditions, while providing a meaningful and distinctive gift. Here are some gift ideas with Mexican crafts for executives

The gifts corporate, business and executive with Mexican crafts will be a fascinating and unique option. We take recognition to another level; Since we transmit our love for Mexican culture and tradition, that is why we transmit it with unique works. In particular, Huichol art and alebrijes are Mexican artistic expressions full of color, symbolism and tradition, which makes them authentic gifts appreciated for their originality.

Exclusive mexican crafts: The "Mexican popular art" represents an invaluable wealth for Mexican culture, this craft represented by a wide range of colors and shades manages to capture the magic of a unique culture. The origin of Mexican popular art lies in an ancestral tradition, the physical transcription of the images visualized by the artists, allowing them to cross the creative threshold. These works of popular art are made with ancestral techniques, each one with symbolic motifs, the history of the culture and legends of its cosmogony that offer us a panorama of Mexican society. Discover the art and culture of Mexico through his works.

Some of our company gifts

Huichol art sculptures: Huichol art sculpture gifts are unique and meaningful choices that represent the rich culture and traditions of the Huichol people of Mexico. These sculptures, made with chaquira (beads) and wax on a wooden base, are true works of art that capture the essence and spirituality of the Huichol culture.

Huichol Art Figure
→ Figures
Jaguar walking in Huichol art
Special Jaguar

The executive gifts of Huichol art can be a unique and culturally significant option. Huichol art is a traditional Mexican art form that uses brightly colored beads and intricate designs to create images and figures.

The jaguar it is a sacred and symbolic animal for the Huichol culture, and its representation in Huichol art is charged with spiritual meaning and connection with nature.

When choosing a sculpture of jaguar in huichol art As an executive gift, you would be offering a unique and valuable piece that represents the strength, power and wisdom of the jaguar in the Huichol worldview. Additionally, the use of chaquira (beads) and wax on a wooden base in these sculptures creates a vibrant and detailed design that will attract the attention and appreciation of any recipient.

Wooden alebrijes: Alebrijes are colorful carved wooden sculptures that have their roots in Mexican culture. They are a charming and unique option for corporate gifts, as they reflect the creativity and traditional crafts of Mexico. Consider gifting an authentic Huichol art piece, such as a sculpture. These pieces are handcrafted by Huichol artists and feature vibrant colors and designs that represent their culture and traditions. You can choose a piece that fits the right size and budget.

Alebrije with base
→ Mini Alebrije

Personalized Mini Alebrijes: Give away small handmade alebrije sculptures with company logos or colors. 

Jaguar walking
Jaguar - Alebrije

The executive gifts of Alebrijes in wood can be a unique and culturally significant option. The wooden alebrije made in Oaxaca is a traditional Mexican art form that uses wood carving and painting with intricate designs to decorate the figure with images and fretwork.

The alebrije figures are decorated with fretwork, flowers, images, etc. that are painted forming drawings full of magic and symbolism. The result is works of great color and quality. 

"A jaguar alebrije sculpture executive gift will be a unique and poignant choice, conveying a message of respect for Mexican art and culture, while honoring the recipient for their leadership and business contributions."

Boxes with alebrijes: Alebrijes boxes or sets are created with a set of alebrijes that include several different figures. They can represent animals, mystical creatures or even iconic characters related to the company. They are decorative and utilitarian objects made by artisans of the Mixtec - Zapotec culture in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Alebrije Collection
Boxes (Alebrije)
Box with alebrijes
Collection - Alebrijes

The boxes of collection with alebrijes they are a wonderful choice for lovers of Mexican art and collectors. These boxes can contain a selection of mini alebrijes or a larger single piece, and are often made from high-quality materials to protect and enhance the beauty of the sculptures.

Decorative accessories and special projects: Opt for more personalized executive gifts, such as branding, logos and custom designs, decorated with Huichol designs and patterns. These accessories can add a cultural and colorful touch to the recipient's office or home.

Trailer para introducción en arte huichol
Logotypes and trademarks
Special coastal project
Special projects

Remember that Mexican folk art is a highly valued form of cultural expression, so it is important to purchase these pieces from respectful sources and support the indigenous artists who create them.

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Business projects

The popular art preservation and promotion project is an innovative initiative that seeks to safeguard and disseminate the rich artistic tradition of Mexico; for a executive recognition, it is essential to present a description of the project that highlights its importance, impact and feasibility.

These special projects in Mexican Folk Art they will not only generate a significant cultural impact, but will also contribute to sustainable development and the enrichment of Mexico's artistic heritage. We hope this initiative is supported by your executive recognition, and together we can open the doors of a unique cultural journey into the fascinating world of Mexican folk art.

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It is important to purchase these handicrafts through reliable stores or distributors that work directly with Huichol artists and respect their work and traditions. This way, you can ensure that the gifts are authentic and that the artists receive fair recognition for their work.