Origin of the alebrijes

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There are figures of a very diverse fauna and fantastic beings of external influences, from monsters, pegasus or Martians to nahuales, expressions typical of the worldview of the original groups of Oaxaca.

All about the Oaxacan Alebrijes

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What is an alebrije?.- An alebrije is a Mexican craft. It is a fantastic figure that combines physiognomic elements of various animals, whether real or imaginary.

Who are the Wixarikas?

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Los huicholes son mucho más que un grupo indígena en la geografía de México; son portadores de una sabiduría ancestral que conecta el mundo material con el espiritual.

Huichol Crafts

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According to their culture, peyote provides inspiration only if he wants it; and that is to the marakame.