How to buy?

01/12/2022 Por Tayaupa Off

In Handicrafts from Mexico we want to simplify the purchase process for our customers and that is why we make it easy for you. From experience we know that buying a gift should be simple and clear, that is why we have answered most of the doubts by simplifying the purchase process. So our order process is as follows.

1. Enter our online store and look for the products that you like the most from our collection.

2. In the product details section, review the characteristics of each one of them.

3. Go adding the pieces you want to the cart, when adding them you will see that they begin to add up and be displayed at the top.

4. Process your purchase by entering the data requested for billing and shipping address.

5. In case there is any incident you can contact us, through or calling the phone 442 368 5601, so that we can manage and solve it.

Also, if you wish, you can call us to check the price of a personalized product, delivery times or any questions about an item from our collection.

Delivery and After Sales

For the Mexican gifts that we sell through our website The estimated transit time is 2 – 7 days, depending on the model that has been chosen, the number of pieces and if it will have personalization. In any case, at the time the order is confirmed, the estimated delivery time is indicated.

In case the estimated time is not enough, as often handmade gifts are needed on a specific date, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. to consult our Express Shipping service that can significantly reduce delivery time.

Once the delivery has been made, you must check within 7 days that the material we have sent you is correct and that it meets your expectations. If this is not the case, please contact us by phone at 442 368 5601 or via email and we will review your case to give you the most effective solution.

Payment methods

Paypal (credit card), transfer or bank deposit.- You can buy and pay as you prefer, you just have to choose the items of interest and process the payment.

1) Verify the purchase currency (MXN peso or USD dollar) and press "add to cart"

2) Once the selection is finished, click on the image of the cart in the upper right part  

3) Capture the billing and shipping information requested

4) Select Shipping and payment method (Transfer or Card payment in Paypal) and continue

5) Check that the order information is correct

6) Wire transfer : The system will send you an email with the payment information and once done, send your receipt to

7) Payment by card (Paypal): The system will send you to Paypal so that you can process your payment and the system automatically notifies us once it is completed

* If you have any questions, you can send us your query by email to