Gifts - Huichol Art Figurines

Huichol art figurines are characterized by their colorful and intricate patterns made with chaquira beads, which adhere to the surface of the figurine. The bright colors and detailed designs make these figurines visually stunning and unique.

The process of creating a figure with Huichol art involves carving the basic shape in wood or other materials, and then applying a layer of wax to glue the chaqurias, one by one, into the desired design. The colors and patterns used can have symbolic meanings and represent elements of nature, spirituality and Huichol culture.

Personalization: The figure is placed on a wooden base suitable for the piece that goes according to the size and shape, then the plate is fixed with the information you provide us.

The figures may vary in both design and color, depending on the existing stock at the time of ordering. We ask that if you have special requirements please contact us in advance.

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